We successfully assist individuals recovering from a severe crisis to reintegrate both vocationally and socially. 

“Life isn’t predictable and often even the most unexpected of us can sink to unimaginable lows”



If you or someone you know feels alone and ‘frozen’ please get in touch – We are a charity still in our infancy but our individual programs are for those hidden gems hiding in the sidelines waiting to be rediscovered and appreciated. 

Alternatively, if you are empathic to our cause, or have re-found your place in the world, please consider sponsoring a Tribe program. It will not only be the lifeline to someone but could also bring a wealth of expertise to you or your business, if you so desire. 

Its all about respect. Everyone is valued and encouraged to shine.

The Angel Hands Foundation – Practical Support to Reconnect You

Registered Charity Number 1158800