Today is Halloween! A bustling night which has become so popular in the UK. Many children and families rushing to spend the evening at parties or trick and treating.

Just a small thought for some of the slightly older population – According to Help the Aged 1 million older people regularly go a month without speaking to anyone.

To look and notice an elderly person alone, shopping or walking in the busy streets and give a smile, is like an Angelic gift.

We all feel better when someone smiles, a real genuine smile. Its obviously not true that every elderly person is alone, but whats the harm in sharing a smile, I reckon the more we all get into the habit of smiling especially at those who may really appreciate it, the happier everyone will be!

A straw can break the camels back, and don’t we all feel that sometimes! Well I bet a smile can turn around someones day.

Angel Hands do more than smile, but in between everything else we try remember and pass on the little free gifts of life too. 


Right now we are working hard to collect many beautiful items, exciting vouchers and also raise funds to make sure that one of our Angels provides Angel Boxes for those vulnerable or crisis hit children which we are working with this Christmas. Also planning some special Angel Boxes for the older members of society who, with the a touch of an angel could feel like life is not just about existing or surviving, but about living!

Please contact us if you can help with the above, or if you know of someone we haven’t met yet who is in need of our help!