Sometimes we sense that things are going to be okay when its all going wrong. Other times its nice to have a helping hand. Today an ’emergency’ Angel Box was dropped off to give some light to a family in the Queensbury area. An Emotional response to the delivery made me feel it was the right time and choice. I hope that through Angel Hands we can give not just practical help but hope to people in their darkest and most challenging times.


So when things go wrong in life, its so easy to let your diet go out of the window. When I say diet, I don’t mean a weight loss program! I mean nutritious healthy meals and snacks. Lack of money and stress can make people turn to junk food, coffee, alcohol, or just not eating! Here at Angel Hands we are grateful to the lovely folk at 9 bar for their wonderful donation of 250 bars to include in our Christmas Angel Boxes. We know just how important healthy eating is, but when it tastes as good as a 9 bar it makes it so much easier.

Really grateful for the donation and hope that everyone enjoys their boxes and whether its on route to hospital visits or simply a snack at home or work, am sure it will make the world of different.

I approached 9 bar as they are one of my favourite snacks so am so proud to list them on our website and have Angel Hands affiliated with such a yummy brand!


Marion is a true Community Champion! We mentioned a request we had to her about a family with a severely allergic child whose condition has just stabilised. Despite a full schedule of in store tasks she managed to fulfil our request for a vacuum cleaner. We will be passing it on in an Angel Box with some extra surprises very soon.

What a brill example of community care from Tesco Borehamwood and Marion herself. We are so appreciative that you took the time to listen and help!

Can’t wait to pass on this particular package.

Also grateful for the extra items to go towards the Christmas Angel Box appeal. Exciting times.



Big thank you to Dr Stuarts today. We have a selection of their lovely teas winding their way here to join the other goodies to go into the Christmas Angel Boxes. When times are hard and you feel alone and nothing is going your way, a cup of tea is always a good idea! Especially when filled with amazing herbs and ingredients blended to perfection. Dr Stuarts tea’s are incredible and cure a whole host of bodily problems. Check out their range at Dr Stuarts site I really do believe in them thats why I asked them to join our boxes! Healthy living can make things become much better.



A massive thank you to the lovely Bear team. Today we received one hundred lovely healthy Yo Yo’s  made from a roll of pure fruit, for our children’s Christmas Angel Boxes. We here at Angel Hands know how vital healthy eating is but also how expensive  it can be. Its so important to include healthy yummy treats in our Angel boxes.       So looking forward to distributing our Boxes to the unsuspecting children who so deserve them.



Yesterday Rachel from Angel Hands visited Hospital to spend some time with a patient who is suffering with what has been diagnosed as stage 3 cancer. She is only 36 and has 3 daughters and is a single mum. We hope to complete a special Angel Box for her and her daughters before Christmas, and also continue to offer any moral and practical support we can. Thank you to all our supporters and well wishers. Her strength and smile was incredible. What a wonderful lady its our pleasure to have been introduced.

c42d2c0d931e6bd6ef6bb756e82ba652Thank you Starbucks Borehamwood for your friendly smile and agreeing to be part of our Christmas Angel Boxes for those in the Borehamwood area! What a lovely gesture and so charitable of you. Look forward to this and so appreciative of your support. Starbucks is place many people go for a ‘me’ moment, I know I do, to sit and reflect, or read or simply catch up on work. So happy to have your support!


So today I want to thank the lovely Alexsandra from Nando’s in Borehamwood, who when hearing of our work immediately gave me a voucher to pop in a box I am preparing this week, for someone close to their store. She gave me a voucher for a meal platter so we can treat somebody to a meal out. I may be a vegetarian myself,  but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the kindness of our local Nando’s, and their kind attitude. There was no hesitation that she wanted to help us. A bright star and a credit to the company. Thanks for being an Angel today and can’t wait to pass on this box when its complete!


Sometimes people say to me, oh its good you do that, I would like to, but I don’t have time or I am struggling myself. Life can be struggle and sometimes we have very little to give, but trust me, however little you have, you can usually find something to give even if its just a little time or buying something small to make someone smile.

Angel Hands is the perfect vehicle to help others give, I have listed a few ways below.

We have some essential items that we are providing in the form of vouchers for our Christmas boxes, however we really do need some more people to come forward and offer some items to make these a gift, from the hands of angels!

If you have a business or would like to sponsor some items for either our children or adult boxes please get in touch. Nothing is too small. We would like to ask for household items that would enhance someones home, teddies or games for children. All items much be new!

If you have more time or resources then please be involved in the essential side of things we require supermarket vouchers, and also vouchers for all essential items. The more we come together the more people we can help….


Thanks for the lovely interaction yesterday with a Barnet Quaker distributing white poppies. Thank you for your interest and support for the work of Angel Hands and look forward to meeting with you again.

Red poppies to honour and remember the brave service men and women who lost their lives for our country.

White poppies to show respects but also to emphasise the ongoing work to prevent war and causes of war. Its the time of year people stand together to reflect and appreciate.