So when things go wrong in life, its so easy to let your diet go out of the window. When I say diet, I don’t mean a weight loss program! I mean nutritious healthy meals and snacks. Lack of money and stress can make people turn to junk food, coffee, alcohol, or just not eating! Here at Angel Hands we are grateful to the lovely folk at 9 bar for their wonderful donation of 250 bars to include in our Christmas Angel Boxes. We know just how important healthy eating is, but when it tastes as good as a 9 bar it makes it so much easier.

Really grateful for the donation and hope that everyone enjoys their boxes and whether its on route to hospital visits or simply a snack at home or work, am sure it will make the world of different.

I approached 9 bar as they are one of my favourite snacks so am so proud to list them on our website and have Angel Hands affiliated with such a yummy brand!

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