We are small and fairly young charity. In the two years, The Angel Hands Foundation assisted over 100  individuals who had become isolated due to a severe crisis. Through regular face to face meetings, activities and regular phone contact, we directly and successfully assisted with their reintegration. We also provided over 500 Angel boxes (food, treats and goods) to vulnerable members of the public via our outreach programmes.

Our Services

We do not just respond to heart wrenching calls for help; we find and prevent personal disasters. Someone you know might be going through an extreme crisis and currently spiraling inwards and downwards. But they are telling no one.

Our ‘client’ group

We work with those who are isolated: reaching out after domestic abuse, cultural or religious coercive control, or episodes which have resulted in a mental health issue, those who are carers, or have suffered an unexpected illness or injury. Basically everyone needs a sense of purpose, knowing they matter. No one should be hiding behind curtains wishing their life away, or putting on a brave face to hide their shame, tears or lack of direction.

Many we work with are transient, needing a helping hand to prevent them going right down. In short: everyone needs somewhere to go when things are really really tough. Its not always about talking about problems its sometimes just about getting out!

We provide ongoing services

Resource bank and creative space: 

  • The focus will be classy, clean and fresh. It will invoke creativity because we all deserve  to live, not just get by. Lighting and aroma will be important features of this beautiful space!
  • There will be a respectful food bank of useful, tasty dry goods containing not just the basics, but items to cook a wholesome meal. We will give vouchers for people to order fresh fruit and veg.
  • We will be growing a lifestyle resource bank with essentials such as kids underwear and shoes, but featuring items such as smart clothes for interviews, and birthday gifts – many children refuse invitations to parties as the family have no budget for gifts etc.
  • We offer a token based program. One-off help will be given to anyone, but our focus is on making change happen.  We work with people to see how they can reciprocate; empowerment comes from giving as well as receiving.  
  • We will hold events such as art shows, workshops, debates, topical discussions, business networking, creative classes, healing and even comedy. Many will be free of charge,  donation based, or sponsored: We want everyone to have somewhere to go, something that ignites their potential.

A couple of previous and continuous services Angel Hands provide



  • One ongoing program we provide we named ‘tribe’  established to give and receive one to one support in mentored groups of people who have been isolated due to little or no support network. Meeting weekly this program has assisted over 100 people back into the workforce since we established it.
  • Outreach distribution of ‘angel boxes’ to targeted areas/groups to connect, establish trust of individuals and develop ongoing relationships and tribes.

For example:

Chris 45, Watford had a breakdown following a severe health crisis resulting in the loss of his job. He was referred to Angel Hands via a friend. After participating in our tribe ‘expert’ group for 3 months, managed to start gaining some clients for his design work and he is now part of a few networking groups.

Anne 54, a nurse from Brighton suffered severe isolation after her only child committed suicide, and her marriage ended due to domestic violence. Referred to Angel Hands via a partner charity Anne attended our tribe which helped her realise she needed to stop shutting herself away and move from her dependence on sleeping pills and antidepressants. She slowly managed to attend weekly meetings and managed to make some friends and gain a part time job.

Our services work hand in hand

We have no affiliation with any group or religion.