Please don’t forget to join us tomorrow at the North Bushey Community Fair, Cambel Mclaughlin will be hosting a free drum circle at our stall, we will have Angel Card readings and hopefully cakes 😉 to raise awareness and funds for Angel Hands. We will have some of the latest events at Attico Art Gallery advertised and it should just be a really fun (and sunny) day for everyone local to the area! See you there, at very least pop over and say hello!


Simbo Nuga the Ambassador for Herts and Beds Business Biscotti and owner of Social Enterprise Teach Wise has recently been discussing with Angel Hands how we can work together to create change and empower people in our local area. We have some dynamic projects up our sleeves due to our shared goals of creating opportunities and educating those who are struggling due to various crisis situations. September we will be starting some new programs and there will be places advertised via Simbo’s network and also here on our Website!




Rachel had the pleasure to attend the yearly awards for Surfra in North London. A wonderful North West London based charity, we hope to work alongside in some ways. They currently run a food bank to make sure noone in the area goes hungry (please let us know if you now anyone who can benefit from this and we can refer you). They also have a fresh fruit and vegetable scheme allowing people to purchase fresh goods at very reasonable prices per box – power in numbers!

Alongside this is an awesome food academy and food growing project. Sufra is a well run and extremely relevant and well run charity. It was a great pleasure to hear their news and try to see how we can work together.




Our regular get togethers for survivors of domestic abuse are going from strength to strength. Its possible to feel quite emotional and upset hearing about some of the tough issues that our ladies and gentlemen have encountered. However, focusing on the positive steps forward and enthusiasm to make change is an absolute inspiration. We have seen huge progress, in both inner confidence and also practical strength to move forward and bring about change.

With skills such as interview pointers, public speaking tips, financial planning and CV advice on the agenda we have helped with a more confident approach to job seeking which has been a great favourite for regaining self confidence and financial freedom. Our open discussions with experts in areas as diverse (or linked as the case maybe!) as law, housing, therapy, fitness and health, natural health, finance and teaching have provided hours of thought proving and sometimes painful advice.

People have made friends, and become frustrated, gone 5 steps forward and sometimes 1 step back. But we can honestly say things haven’t stayed the same and the feedback so far is thats a good thing, and means the light is closer to the end of the tunnel.

Its hard to write updates about groups of a private and confidential nature but I just wanted to share, that don’t be scared to reach out in times of darkness. If you are feeling alone in your relationship and spending more times scared and in tears, it could be that something is seriously wrong and this could implicate you and if you have children their future too. Don’t be scared to see if you could benefit by joining our ongoing help to move on from abuse.




It can feel a bit cold and bleak some days during the English winter, especially for those who don’t have much money to heat their homes, or friends and family to take their mind off the weather!

Angel Hands has been working on a new initiative around the country for those who are feeling isolated in their homes. We are working with 3 groups of people.

* Elderly members of society who are not having much interaction and due to financial hardship are becoming more and more isolated and spending a lot of time at home.

* Families who are struggling financially after ill health or serious relationship breakdowns.

* Motivated individuals trying to rebuild (or simply build) their lives and become financially secure, with regular employment and a sense of fulfilment.

We may be small but it doesn’t take much to help someone on the path to fulfil their dreams. Thank you to all the support we have received lately and will be updating more shortly. Please get in touch to find out more and either attend an event, or assist us.





Sometimes we sense that things are going to be okay when its all going wrong. Other times its nice to have a helping hand. Today an ’emergency’ Angel Box was dropped off to give some light to a family in the Queensbury area. An Emotional response to the delivery made me feel it was the right time and choice. I hope that through Angel Hands we can give not just practical help but hope to people in their darkest and most challenging times.


Marion is a true Community Champion! We mentioned a request we had to her about a family with a severely allergic child whose condition has just stabilised. Despite a full schedule of in store tasks she managed to fulfil our request for a vacuum cleaner. We will be passing it on in an Angel Box with some extra surprises very soon.

What a brill example of community care from Tesco Borehamwood and Marion herself. We are so appreciative that you took the time to listen and help!

Can’t wait to pass on this particular package.

Also grateful for the extra items to go towards the Christmas Angel Box appeal. Exciting times.



Big thank you to Dr Stuarts today. We have a selection of their lovely teas winding their way here to join the other goodies to go into the Christmas Angel Boxes. When times are hard and you feel alone and nothing is going your way, a cup of tea is always a good idea! Especially when filled with amazing herbs and ingredients blended to perfection. Dr Stuarts tea’s are incredible and cure a whole host of bodily problems. Check out their range at Dr Stuarts site I really do believe in them thats why I asked them to join our boxes! Healthy living can make things become much better.



A massive thank you to the lovely Bear team. Today we received one hundred lovely healthy Yo Yo’s  made from a roll of pure fruit, for our children’s Christmas Angel Boxes. We here at Angel Hands know how vital healthy eating is but also how expensive  it can be. Its so important to include healthy yummy treats in our Angel boxes.       So looking forward to distributing our Boxes to the unsuspecting children who so deserve them.



Yesterday Rachel from Angel Hands visited Hospital to spend some time with a patient who is suffering with what has been diagnosed as stage 3 cancer. She is only 36 and has 3 daughters and is a single mum. We hope to complete a special Angel Box for her and her daughters before Christmas, and also continue to offer any moral and practical support we can. Thank you to all our supporters and well wishers. Her strength and smile was incredible. What a wonderful lady its our pleasure to have been introduced.