For all you budding artists out there, The Angel Hands Foundation is holding an art competition…

No need to be a trained or experienced artist. If you think you have an artistic flair, we’d love to exhibit your work on this page. You’ll have the opportunity to sell your work and the thirty best pieces will also go on display at our pop-up shop in Harrow and Wealdstone where they’ll be judged by professional artists. We have five prizes to be given away (to be announced soon) and the winning designs will be used on our charity Christmas cards!

Angel Hands is a charity which focuses on helping those who are isolated, to reintegrate back into society. The name ‘Angel Hands’ seemed perfect for us, as many people associate angels with a feeling of friendship and care.

So what’s the competition theme?

Angels, of course :)

Artists are always pushing the boundaries of how we perceive and present things. Use your imagination and creativity to the max here..

Your work can be any size, although if you want it exhibited in our pop up shop, it’ll need to be not larger than A2 (approx 42cm x 59cm) and you will also need to frame it in a simple BLACK frame. Sculpture and 3d work is also a welcome option.

Buyers can bid for your artwork online, and 20% of the sales will go to Angel Hands charity. Details of this to be announced.

Please forward your entries to Emma at emmamooreillustration@gmail.com and we’ll post them onto this page.

If you are struggling to find the extra budget for materials please pop in after the 15th of November or get in contact for one of our art packs.

Get creating and good luck!


Just to say loving our new sign at Attico, will be updating shortly with our groups and events there but we pop down regularly and there is plenty of informal Angel Hands work and meetings going on. Please feel free to get in touch if you want to meet to discuss a way we can help you, or if you would like to get involved in anyway.



On the 18th of July we look forward to doing a stall at the North Bushey Community Fair. To let people know more about Angel Hands and how we help the community. We will also be doing some drumming at the stall with Cambel McLaughlin  and also promoting the wonderful venue which is Attico Art Centre. Look forward to meeting some new people who may either help with our work, or know people who we could assist! Meanwhile dreaming it will be a sunny day then!


Angel Hands feels privileged to be the chosen charity of Attico Art Centre in Watford. Andrew Horn the owner of Attico Art has many plans for its future, including cutting edge exhibitions, cultural musical evenings as well as dance and art classes. We hope to compliment the gallery with some charitable activities and fundraising. Its an awesome space and the fact they have chosen to support Angel Hands in our eyes makes this even better! There is also an Art Cafe with tasty vegetarian snacks open Tuesday to Sunday.

Will keep you updated with some of the events as they manifest!



Today, tomorrow and Sunday we are back in Hertfordshire at the Elstree Morrisons doing a can and trolley collection for Angel Boxes. Been a very busy week, lots of items donated from lovely ladies in Bushey. Good trip to Wrexham to help out and also received some help, the same in Crewe and Stafford. Will update all our news shortly but for now if you are in the area please pop by Morriosns today and say hello or help out! We plan to distribute Angel Boxes on Monday so this is the last call for donations!

Have a great day!


Right now here at Angel Hands we are planning and looking forward to our photo shoot next tuesday with the wonderful Otalia of London Family Photography Its sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees when going through difficult times. We are going to go out in one of London’s Royal Parks and create some memories for a lovely lady and her family who have been through a lot lately. I can’t begin to imagine how hard it must be to be a mother suffering from the later stages of cancer, I can only reach and offer to try create some happy moments with those loved ones and record them, so Angel Hands want to help this family do just that!

Thankts to Oalia and all the other wonderful companies who are helping us create Angel Boxes to make a difference when life can seem quite dark and troublesome.


So when things go wrong in life, its so easy to let your diet go out of the window. When I say diet, I don’t mean a weight loss program! I mean nutritious healthy meals and snacks. Lack of money and stress can make people turn to junk food, coffee, alcohol, or just not eating! Here at Angel Hands we are grateful to the lovely folk at 9 bar for their wonderful donation of 250 bars to include in our Christmas Angel Boxes. We know just how important healthy eating is, but when it tastes as good as a 9 bar it makes it so much easier.

Really grateful for the donation and hope that everyone enjoys their boxes and whether its on route to hospital visits or simply a snack at home or work, am sure it will make the world of different.

I approached 9 bar as they are one of my favourite snacks so am so proud to list them on our website and have Angel Hands affiliated with such a yummy brand!


So today I want to thank the lovely Alexsandra from Nando’s in Borehamwood, who when hearing of our work immediately gave me a voucher to pop in a box I am preparing this week, for someone close to their store. She gave me a voucher for a meal platter so we can treat somebody to a meal out. I may be a vegetarian myself,  but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the kindness of our local Nando’s, and their kind attitude. There was no hesitation that she wanted to help us. A bright star and a credit to the company. Thanks for being an Angel today and can’t wait to pass on this box when its complete!